How it all began

I installed my first hardie onto a fresh wooden stump which... cracked in about a week. I moved to another stump, treating it with professional wood products. This helped prevent major cracking and made my wooden hardie look stunning. Yet that experience prompted me to think about other solutions. I shared my thoughts with my father-in-law, Jorge Guzman, who owns a metal fabrication shop. We happen to share a passion in DIY projects, so naturally he was the first person I went to. Together we designed several  models of hardies suitable for various working styles: "The Vessel", "Aladdin",  "Malevich" and "The Little Fellow".  We also created "Black Grace" - strong steel legs to support a wooden hardie. 

common challenges

* What is the best steel type for a blade to make it last longer?

* How do you sharpen the blade which permanently sits in the wooden or steel hardie?

* If a wooden stump is not an option and you opt for a steel hardie, how would you make sure it is stable enough and absorbs the shock of the hammer in the same fashion as wood?

our answer

We tried to address common challenges of any mosaic artist and at the same time create tools that are easy and comfortable to use. 

All our models are made of hight quality steel. The bottom part of all hardies is made of solid blocks of mild steel ensuring it is solid and heavy enough. The blades are made of tool steel, well known for its distinctive hardness and resistance to deformation. We padded all bases with rubber-like material to absorb the shock. In order to move hardies effortlessly, our Vessel model has convenient handles and Aladdin's edgers are curved. Aladdin's wide base is perfect to catch tesserae. The Malevich model is intended as a hardie-to-go. If you prefer a wooden stump, you may want to have a look at the Little Fellow model - the blade is positioned on a small base, which in turn is screwed onto the stump. This eliminates the need to drill a hole in the stump which in turn prevents cracking. Finally, all blades on our models are removable to accomodate easy sharpening. We also offer a replacement blade which can be shipped directly to your studio.

Next step

You are welcome to check our Store to order a hardie of your dream today. 

I would also appreciate your feedback on your experience with our hardies. We are here to further improve the design if needed. 

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