Learning from the past, creating the future

Learning from the past, creating the future


Artist's Notes


My Story

My name is Yuliya Guzman and I am in love with mosaics. I find it fascinating to be able to transform such cold and hard materials as natural stone, stained glass or smalti into meaningful,  intricate and graceful pieces of human imagination. For some time mosaic was my hobby, which naturally grew into a full-time occupation. The learning curve seems never ending however each day spent cutting stone, laying tesserae or grouting a finished piece is absolutely worth living.


My Inspiration

Life. Life as it is: an early morning sunrise, a smile on a baby's face, a warm slice of bread and a glass of milk, snow topped mountains and whispering waters of a forest stream, calm starry nights and mighty roars of thunder, the change of seasons, grace and beauty of living creatures - my inspiration is all that awakens the deepest human thirst to create, to add a note to the overall magnificent symphony of lif



Challenging experiences with my first wooden hardie led me to create a whole series of steel hardies, perfect for any working style and virtually any surface. 

I am delighted to introduce: 

"The Vessel", 


"Malevich" and 

"The Little Fellow". 

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